Web Development

I'm happy to cater to any size and type of project, from large, high load sites, to small business. From complete site building, to extensions, modifications, redesigns and upgrades. I specialize in Drupal development.

Whether in Drupal development, other LAMP work, front end, back end, implementation or consultancy, I aim to provide a high quality, rapid and cost effective service. (See prices to get an idea of what I can offer for your budget.)

Please get in touch with your requirements.

Here are some examples of requirements I can satisfy:

  • New site required, small or large. This may include any of the below, plus migrating from legacy systems, configuring servers for performance and scalability, staff training, brain storming, SEO work, copy writing and editing.
  • Existing site requires extending or enhancing functionality, such as booking and payment processing, better search, or social media integration.
  • Drupal site needs a custom module to integrate with 3rd party software or web-service, create a new node type or otherwise enhance functionality.
  • Custom theme required for new of existing Drupal site, including any or all of theme templating, css work, javascript, jquery and cross browser testing, performance optimization, SEO and graphic design work.
  • Existing site requires better search engine ranking. I can provide consultation, site modifications, copy editing, back-link building, ad campaign planning and implementation, and other marketing and SEO work.
  • Your site can't cope with the growing traffic and needs optimizing and/or moving to different hardware. I can help make it go faster.
  • Your site is broken and needs fixing fast.
  • You need a simple, attractive, easy to maintain and update website for your business, at a competitive price.
  • You're happy with your site, except that it runs slowly, even for low traffic, and thus turns potential customers and users away. I can optimize it to reach load times of under one second in many cases.

Web Design

I can create complete website themes, new page or business logos. I will work closely with you to understand the aims and audience of the design.

Here are some examples of my web development and design work:

Responsive Wordpress site.

Ecommerce Wordpress site with responsive theme development.

Highly customized Drupal 7 site, with modules created for managing multimedia presentation and organization and interfacing with external webservices. Custom theme, menu-system and numerous content types with multiple view forms. The site is multilingual.

Original images and html design built on top of Google Sites framework, with social media, Paypal and webform integration.

Modified Aquia theme with customized Webforms and payment processing. Original graphics and logo design.

Project involved migrating from legacy CMS with many hundreds of articles and other assets, the implementation of several custom modules and modification of various Drupal community modules. Features include live news, payment processing and advanced navigation system. Original design also by me.

Highly customized theme, using Panels, Views, Locale and many others, including custom modules. Original design and graphics also by me. A fair bit of JQuery and CSS work went into providing interactive UI elements, enhanced form display, page element watermarks and more.

picture of HLR website

This site uses a range of high performance techniques, including Content Delivery Network, Pressflow Drupal, Mercury stack (including Varnish, Memcached, APC and Solr). Custom modules and Javascript integration with 3rd party webservices and provide movel UI features. Original design and content also by me. For this project I used a VPS which I configured according to requirements, which included setting up email services in addition to the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting the search engines to return your page to potential visitors is essential for building traffic and sharing what you do with the world. I can help your site get better rankings, while improving the overall user experience.


I can train you or your staff how to use a new website, and make future modifications and upgrades themselves.

Argentine Tango

I provide professional Argentine Tango instruction.


I have been passionate about photography for most of my life. To view a selection of my work and see how I can meet your requirements see my galleries page.