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Websites and software development


Just about every business could benefit from a website these days, and there are many options available. It can be hard to find a solution that meets your needs, leaves your customers happy and is affordable.

Littlecog websites are bespoke solutions optimized for your exact requirements - they are fast, enjoyable to use, easy to update, reliable, search engine friendly and attractively designed. Yet, a Littlecog website is also great value for money. Certainly you'll find cheaper offerings, but not at the quality offered here, and with online-business becoming more crowded every year, standing out (for all the right reasons) is crucial.

Have a look at our rates and estimates to see just how affordable the ideal website for you can be, whether it's 1 page or 1000, a blog, community portal, or an ecommerce site. All sites have a good level of SEO, but advanced services can also be provided in that area.

I'm based in Southampton, so if you're a local business wanting a new website or to update an existing one, simply get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. For larger jobs I can travel to wherever you are.

See the services page for more detail on specific work and services I can provide for you.


Aside from web-development I have skills in various programming languages including C, C++, Java, PHP and Perl. I have experience coding signal processing algorithms, physics based light modeling, pdf programming, user interfaces, and more.

picture of Joe Hudson

This is also my personal website, where I'll talk about things that interest me and what I'm working on or learning about from time to time.

I'll post links on the Misc page. You can also check out my blog here:

Here's a gallery of past, current and pending projects.

web development

Responsive Wordpress site.

Ecommerce Wordpress site with responsive theme development.

Highly customized Drupal 7 site, with modules created for managing multimedia presentation and organization and interfacing with external webservices. Custom theme, menu-system and numerous content types with multiple view forms. The site is multilingual.

Original images and html design built on top of Google Sites framework, with social media, Paypal and webform integration.

Modified Aquia theme with customized Webforms and payment processing. Original graphics and logo design.

Project involved migrating from legacy CMS with many hundreds of articles and other assets, the implementation of several custom modules and modification of various Drupal community modules. Features include live news, payment processing and advanced navigation system. Original design also by me.

Highly customized theme, using Panels, Views, Locale and many others, including custom modules. Original design and graphics also by me. A fair bit of JQuery and CSS work went into providing interactive UI elements, enhanced form display, page element watermarks and more.

picture of HLR website

This site uses a range of high performance techniques, including Content Delivery Network, Pressflow Drupal, Mercury stack (including Varnish, Memcached, APC and Solr). Custom modules and Javascript integration with 3rd party webservices and provide movel UI features. Original design and content also by me. For this project I used a VPS which I configured according to requirements, which included setting up email services in addition to the website.


My main projects at the moment are my tango school, my new book on wealth distribution and economics, promoting my previous book, and PePol. All that in amongst the challenge of scraping a living. More on the above here soon.

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